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lirik lagu look in the mirror – yo gotti

“look in the mirror”

i’m on fire, whole hood blazin
hustle game incredible, ice game amazing
look in the mirror [4x]

like a chandelier, look in the mirror
ice super clear, you looking in the mirror
who you here to see when you look in the mirror
if you a real n*gg*, you lookin in the mirror

i’m on fire, whole hood blazin
hustle game incredible, ice game amazin
look in the mirror [4x]

[verse 1:]
six in tha morning, my alarm goes off
dope come out tha pot then the stove goes off
knock knock on tha door, i’m sellin wholes on soft
n*gg* try to rob me, get his nose blowed off
am i a real n*gg*? point blank period
if you a p*ssy n*gg*, you need pads fa ya period
d*mn right i’m getting money, half a million on tha jewelry
just go and ask emmet if you don’t think a n*gg* serious
my whole house gl*ss, i’m lookin at a reflection
i’m cocaine crazy, got a all white section
all my n*gg*z mafia i never even heard of ya
quarter brick, half a brick, my young n*gg*z’ll murder ya


[verse 2:]
wake up in the morning and i wash my face
brush my teeth and put my gun on my waist
louis belt (check) louis shoes (check)
car on my wrist and a house on my neck
last i remember i was standing on garland
buyin ten for tha hundred outta ridgecrest apartments
bet material i’m 106 & parkin’
and i’mma stay gucci dead fresh on ‘em regardless
i represent tha dope boyz, i can’t say it clearer
you lookin at me when you lookin in tha mirror
i motivate the trap, yeah the hood n*gg*z hope
because i became a millionaire when i was sellin dope, i’m yo gotti


[verse 3:]
live from the kitchen, it’s tha pyrex king
straight from north memphis to ya tv screen
but before it comes, “all white everything”
keep a few hundred grand in my levi jeans
white and red cutl*ss, same color as a smirnoff
one ticket, two tickets, i can take a year off
got my money up, think i’m movin where da beach at
lifestyle of tha hood and famous, where da f*ck is robin leach at?


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