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lirik lagu lost in the woods – taproot

tonight i’m freakin’ out again
tonight i’m thinkin’ so low
all i wanted was a friend all i’ve got is no one
tonight i’ll sleep alone i won’t sleep at all
my heart isn’t alive

right now i’m sinking further down
right now i’m breaking inside
a long drive to see you lie in bed
a long ride wishing for your life
tonight i’ll stay with you
and i will get us through

my heart ripped from my chest
too late i hope not for this
my heart isn’t alive
(my arms carry the weight
two hands folded yet sraight
my arms closed in a prayer for you)

nauseous preparing for the worst
cautious repairing open wounds
yet somehow believing in a chance
it’ll turn out to be another test
and you’ll come back again

you’re lost in the woods they say to me

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