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lirik lagu low down – mo thugs

(souljah boy)
me low down, low down, low down.
yeah, krayzie bone up in this m*th*f*cka,
my m*th*f*ckin’ n*gg*.
souljah boy ’bout to shut you hoes down.
you know what it is?
mo thug click
rollin’ too d*mn thick, n*gg*.
what you hoes wanna do?
ride, ride?
die, die?.
what it is, n*gg*.
what it is.


we low down, low down dirty shame,
n*gg*s actin’ strange,
catch a clip to the f*ckin’ brain.
shoot ’em down, now.

(souljah boy)
souljah boy off in this m*th*f*cka,
’cause to point out the b*tch-made suckas,
thinkin’ they gotta enough heat to rush us.
i’m a dust your *ss off with the blink of an eye.
you n*gg*s gotta die.
don’t ask me why,
but still i try
with the vibes that i
be givin’, makin’ money,
ya’ll sh*ttin,
down to the f*ckin’ white meat.
you hoes wanna find me
and my n*gg* layzie bone (…?…).
ain’t no comin’ back, comin’ back,
give me some of that good sh*t you smokin’,
got me gigged up,
heat it up,
lit it up,
i’m straight locin’.
i’m hopin’ that all y’all bustas got time to play.
my n*gg* tombstone,
krayzie bone,
swing around your way,
your way.

(chours 2x)

now what if we banged your brain,
put ’em in a coffin, and that’s where they lay?
n*gg*, wanna row the boat to get chromed,
dump ’em in the river.
now, that’s how we play.
hey, murdered them n*gg*s that’s plottin’ to rob me.
hollow point top in your body.
n*gg* fin to bless your soul with a twelve gauge mossberg,
leavin’ you stiff and cold.
n*gg*, what ya gonna do when
the m*th*f*ckin’ thugstas come for you?
you snooze, you lose, you catch this uzi.
n*gg* fin to shoot the po-po, too, and we do.
runnin’ with a n*gg* with finger on his trigger,
when i catch ’em, i fill ’em with ammunition.
hit ’em with the bullet and i really meant to get ya,
they miss ’em.
hey, we down with the sw*ngin’,
no fake entertainin’.
we quick when to f*ck-a you up, oh my!
gauges and uzis and three fifty-sevens,
we load ’em and shoot for your head. you die!
n*gg*s, they better test me.
leatherface quick when he pull out this weapon. [hey.]
we leavin’ ’em headless.
respect them clair playas, b*tch.


(souljah boy)
i’m on a mission [mission].
i’m swift when i empty my clip.
you oughta’ beat your *ss
real fast to safety, man,
if a soldier’s about to rip.
you get lit, get hit,
as i split your sh*t.
ain’t worried ’bout a n*gg* tellin’,
yellin’ m*th*f*ckin’ thangs.
all you b*tches [soldiers] gon’ lay stiff,
as i shift with my grip off into a whole new level.

gon’ on my click, and now you’re dead wrong [dead wrong].
rest in peace.
they seem to be creepin’ up on me lately.
f*ck it, let’s all go crazy,
sell weed daily,
and we ready.
my thugstas love
when we buck buck,
put ’em underground, f*ck ’em.
krayzie release them sh*lls.
i say, “say f*ck it, let’s all go to h*ll,”
’cause i got my money,
my pistol,
my reefer,
never forget my thugs, what?
hey, we slay.
we spray.

(souljah boy)
we pray everyday,
but still i see that you and me
just don’t mix,
so i grab my grip.
i’m a kill your click,
that’s the end of this sh*t.
so don’t you ever
in your m*th*f*ckin’ life try to test me
steppin’ like rambo with this bulletproof vest and with a knife.
you better respect me,
or i won’t think twice.
i’m killin’ your wife.
your b*tch get sniped just like wesley,
don’t test me,
don’t press me.
krayzie bone will open up they chest, g.

(krayzie/souljah boy)

yeah, n*gg*s [n*gg*, yeah n*gg*].
yeah, ho-*ss n*gg*s, y’all m*th*f*ckas
[sh*t.] ain’t ready for this m*th*f*ckin’ real thug sh*t.
[that’s the sh*t.
n*gg*s ain’t ready.] bone shut sh*t down
[shut sh*t down!], completely down!
[completely down!] you hoes didn’t know? [huh?]
you gotta recognize.
st.clair wasteland, n*gg*.
[wasteland, wasteland, wasteland, wasteland,
soldiers, soldiers, soldiers]
ho-*ss m*th*f*ckin’ b*tches.
i’m ready to kill ’em! can you feel that?

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