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lirik lagu lust or love – donell jones

[verse 1]
there is something between us
whenever we hook up it comes up out
i go through different emotions
and i can’t quite figure it out
if i just fight it
and we get down
or have i fallen
for you in the mist of it all

i don’t know if it’s l*st or love
that i’m feeling for you
hope you’re feeling it too
i don’t know but i hope it’s love
that i’m feeling for you girl

baby i’m ready
to settle down
have i been running
from love and it’s catching up now?

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]
i’ve got love on my mind it’s what i feel deep inside
as i look in your eyes i see that the l*st has turn to love
this is the night we can make this thing right
girl i need you in my life ’cause you’ve got to know that this could be love

[chorus x4]

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