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lirik lagu maim rape kill rape – autopsy

white-collared killer
pray by day – f*ck the dead by night
preach the book – brainwash the sheep
kills as he shrieks with delight
a tendency for the younger ones
little boys so unaware
exploring orafices with unholy l*st
alive then dead, the molestation continues

screaming boys cr*pping

pimpled tongue lapping
kidnap and sodomy

maim rape kill rape maim rape


grabbing the head of the blue child
he makes it suck his c*ck
blowing his wad – blowing his mind
blowing the corpses time after time

arms and legs cut off
torso raped vigorously
sh*t-encrusted *ss
dead for his pleasure
hacksawing flesh
dissecting his victims

spilling out organs – making love to innards


holy holes not holy anymore
sanctuary for his c*ck – his wh*r*
gritty road to *n*l heaven
sh*tty b*lls, he was only eleven
veil of god to conceal his deeds
missing-list grows, he fulfilles his needs

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