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lirik lagu mars vs. venus – usher

“mars vs. venus”

your eyes say it all..
they’re fixed upon an object of desire
you can’t control
but gravity compels you to ignite
and explode
till that time and sp*ce combine your fantasize
the unknown

girl, it’s taken off the ground you know how i put it down
have you see’n stars, baby
this is the big bang, so unpredictable
s*x love lets see whose in control
mars vs venus, yeaah
when the worlds collide big bang step in the ring of fire
s*x love is someone who can take desire

seduce and *n*lyze
objective is to conquer deep inside..
make paradise

[chorus x2]

pitch black across the mystic galaxy between the sheets
want that only you and i
generate then we collide
hold that, dont make my emotions peak
if i let go then i’ll be weak
your control is my defeat
i repeat never, never, never, never…
will i give up no, no, no, nooo


when the worlds collide!
never know if i will win
but i gotta do it again!
never know if i will win
but i gotta do it again!

never know if i will win
ohhh mars versus venus…

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