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lirik lagu max – he was here again – acid drinkers

acid drinkers
max – he was here again

sittin’ in his strange room after midnight, under the moon
thinkin’ ‘ bout f*ckin’, lookin’ through the gl*ss
we’re listening to max, he keeps tellin’ all nite.
he never lies, old m*th*f*cker
i don’t exaggerate, he’s a bl**dy drunkard,
but at this moment you got nothing to say,
we got no money for wonderful women, no!
he’s spiderman, he climbs a wall
i’m sure, he doesn’t know what is fear
i say: hey, max, its your third bottle today
i think he’s an alcoholic sleep-walker.
he cannot stop when he’s telling his tale,
i say, hey, man, f*ckin’ party is over,
take it easy, yeah, take it easy, take it slow,
no, no, not me, you gotta go!
[chorus:] crazy, crazy, what you gonna do tonight
crazy, crazy, max you gotta start the fight!

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