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lirik lagu meet me in the memory – sister hazel

wasn’t that something
wrapped in each other with our eyes on the clock
and meant our some things
like this little thing that we’ve got

and as hard as it is
when i’m thinking about you
i wouldn’t change a minute of it

when you’re caught up in the hurt
on the other side of the earth
just meet me in the memory
when the waves h-t you now and then
you’re awash in what we might have been
just meet me in the memory

so close to nothing
what are the chances that we would collide
and fate is the one thing
the strongest of us can’t fight

but i know a way
when i’m drowning in the lonely
i can almost taste you


we can never have it all
so take the spring and leave the fall
right where it’s crawling
separation is the scar
across the world to where you are
it’s on your heart never fades away


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