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lirik lagu messages – tech n9ne

hey, tech, it’s whitney
i just wanna see if we’re still on for today
call and let me know

that’s my bad b*tch

hey, baby, it’s me, whitney
i called earlier to confirm our plans for today
just call me back at the house


[tech’s friend]
you should get some condoms

you know what, tech?
you’re so incon-f*ckin-ciderate
you could’ve called and said “f*ck you”
(yo, hold up, hold up)
or something
this is the type of sh*t i’m talkin about

[tech’s friend]
what is that?

hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up

i only have one question
do you think i could ever make you hate me?

this b*tch is trippin

okay… i tried being nice
and i tried being sweet
f*ck that!
you’re probably out with that b*tch of yours
you stupid *sshole

can you believe this b*tch?

you think i’m stupid, don’t you?
if you think i’m mad now
don’t let me see your wife
walkin down the street

hold up.

*b*tching fades*

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