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lirik lagu metal on metal – anvil

metal on metal
it’s what i crave
the louder the better
i’ll turn in my grave

metal on metal
ears start to bleed
cranking it up
fulfilling my need

metal on metal
shakin’ the place
blows back your hair
caves in your face

metal on metal
feeling the grind
up go the hammers
a victim to find

metal on metal
heads start to bang
denim and leathers
chains that clang

keep on rockin’
keep on rockin’
to this metal tonight

keep on pounding
keep on pounding
join the heavy metal fight

metal on metal
gets you so high
excitement and action
won’t p*ss you by

metal on metal
the hardened breed
true to the end
a fire to feed

metal on metal
heat starts to rise
kickin’ it out
with screams and cries

metal on metal
never will die
parties and concerts
keep it alive

metal on metal
it’s the only way
to h*ll with tomorrow
let’s live for today

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