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lirik lagu mission – rush

hold your fire
keep it burning bright
hold the flame ’til the dream ignites
a spirit with a vision is a dream
with a mission

i hear their p*ssionate music
read the words that touch my heart
i gaze at their feverish pictures
the secrets that set them apart

when i feel the powerful visions
their fire has made alive
i wish i had that instinct
i wish i had that drive

spirits fly on dangerous missions
imaginations on fire
focused high on soaring ambitions
consumed in a single desire

in the grip of a nameless possession
a slave to the drive of obsession
a spirit with a vision is a dream
with a mission

i watch their images flicker
bringing light to a lifeless screen
i walk through their beautiful buildings
and i wish i had their dreams
but dreams don’t need to have motion
to keep their spark alive
obsession has to have action
pride turns on the drive

it’s cold comfort
to the ones without it
to know how they struggled
how they suffered about it
if their lives were exotic and strange
they would likely have gladly exchanged them
for something a little more plain
maybe something a little more sane

we each pay a fabulous price
for our visions of paradise
but a spirit with a vision is a dream
with a mission

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