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lirik lagu mojo so dope – kid cudi

“mojo so dope”

[verse 1]
did it leanin, skinny jean wearing, ‘fro for days in the o a a
balls so low most fools couldnt price me
sign and stunt with a blunt full of b e
and i guess you know me,
been in ny so long got tri-state family
especially brooklyn shout out to damati’s
my bloodline runs deep, unless i don’t sleep
figure it’s my pops keeping me away
help me keep my mind off the clouds for reality
these m*th*f-ckers can’t fathom the wizardry
slow more brain thats backwards cowards
took a shower your att*tude stinks
wanna know what i think?

oh ohhh, oh,
hey my mojo so dope b-tch
hey my mojo so dope
yep we live it, live it
yeh we on it, on it
give a f-ck about your lifestyle,
give a f-ck about a m*th*f-cking lifestyle cause n-gga
we, we live this sh-t
oh ohhh, oh,
give a f-ck about your lifestyle,
give a f-ck about a m*th*f-cking lifestyle cause n-gga

[verse 2]
i live through words not metaphors
so i p*ssed to be the rest of the freshmen
playful tough talk
often the fave till i came to park heart
and said true things
a whole new legion of some n-ggas
aiming high p*ss the idea slangin
praise allah for keeping me awake man
i lot of my n-ggas fell victim to the dope game
some things will never be same
wish i could tell my brother something for some motivation
and get him out that gutter
he’s leaving behind a family and a mother
d*mn you must understand when i speak about a song its how i really am
yeah this is how i really think
you could see what i see, yes i really wink
yes i really drink
i really do rage my demons at the cage
by most of the day before i became the age to even wage
i was drowning them sorrows with some more e n-gga


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