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lirik lagu money – 50 cent


[intro: 50 cent]
i’m on that bullsh*t
i’m, i’m, back on that bullsh*t
i’m on that bullsh*t
i’m, i’m, back on that bullsh*t

[chorus: 50 cent]
startin to feel like there’s nothin left to talk about but the, money, money
bill collectors keep comin when a n*gg* f*cked up, to get money, money
n*gg* i don’t give a f*ck ’bout these hoes
i’m focused on the money, money (money) money!
look, i don’t wan’ talk ’bout these hoes
let’s talk about money, money (money) money!

[50 cent]
in high school i had c*ke and dope money
i blew, now i’m sittin on bugatti boat money
i’m eatin, i get money, n*gg* i sh*t money
it smell like benjamins, it boosts my adrenaline
go ‘head f*ck around, i got marksmen hit money
you f*ckin with that ebt welfare wic money
who wan’ catch a fade? f*ck that! catch a blade
catch a case, bail bond, i’m out the next day
got that gold (hammer), gold (2 legit) proper money
talkin ’bout private jet, heliport chopper money
and a n*gg* still ridin with the chopper on me
i don’t trick, e’ry now and then i toss her money
f*ck, nut, get up, that’s abortion money
i’ll kill if i have to, don’t force me homie
i get that schoolyard duct tape extortion money
i hate when n*gg*z act like b*tches cause it costs me money
what the f*ck!


[50 cent]
i’m in london blowin pounds, japan blowin yen
it’s the methodical diabolical n*gg* with a grin
my stash look like a rainbow, my money is gay
nowadays i’m just happy things are goin my way
i’m straight, some say i got more than i need
mucho dinero out in mã©xico, they growin my weed
it’s amazing, i made it here on my own
i got a frog, a dog with a solid gold bone
an accountant to count, the amount i spent
wine cellar full of sh*t, we could all get bent
i got it made, i got brinks truck money
euros, grams[?], you wan’ borrow some from me?
my bank statements have you n*gg*z like “d*mn!”
b*tch i got more (francs) than a hot dog man
get married, pay for one b*tch, i’ll buy her bar food
kids don’t try this sh*t at home, you can’t do the sh*t i do


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