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lirik lagu money on the floor – gucci mane


j’s at my door, i got money on the floor (repeat 3x)
i’m a million dollar n*gg* on the m*th*f*ckin low
i got money on the floor (repeat 8x)

future in the club, poppin bands on them hoes
go ahead gucci mane, toss some grands on the floor
i’m gettin a table dance by a fine *ss ho
got me coming back, now i’m trying to find this ho
i got money on the table, choppa on the dresser
financially stable, very successful
money on the marble (floor)
redder than a cardinal
bluer dodger
blacker than a ninja
itineraries, calenders, baby and agendas
boo i’ll f*ck ya, hit ya when i hit ya
text mess (age), fax, e-mail me send a picture
gucci mane, f*ck ya girl, go get the pistol
gucci mane f*cked the world, and it’s sister
main b*tch left me, i didn’t even miss her
f*cked her best friend, she sucked then you kissed her
f*cked her best friend she sucked me then you kissed her

money on the floor, there’s more? to count
got a lot of crack heads trying to get in my house
this ho say she hungry, put my d*ck in her mouth
if she help me hit a lick, then i’m icing her out
down south, gold mouth, ya them birds fly south
made a half a million dollars in my trap house
i’m a million dollar man, on the low worth cake
every girl i meet f*ck on first date
he on 26’s, baby i’m on 8’s
bart simpson color diamonds with the red roller skates
brazilian, chameleon, reptilian (air) forces
so the rest of them jordan’s
if b*tches and money was my choices
then i choose money and move with bosses
if b*tches and money was my choices
then i choose money and move with bosses

mojo told me step my game up
so if i throw up man, shrimp might come up
cameleon paint same color the vomit
? all in my stomach
i’m on the look out for a big fine woman
who wanna suck d*ck and can keep me company
i thug this, love this, never been love sick
but been frost bit, back back young b*tch
orange catalina same color as a sunkist
six 12’s beat every time the f*ckin drum kick
born on the track, so you know it’s gon go
i got half a million dollars on this godd*mn floor

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