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lirik lagu more – 1life

so i’m asking you to stay
to throw all your old things away
i realize these games and i’m sorry
but you need them more and more each day

if you would ever start
to see us fall apart
to feel the way i feel
i pray here in the dark

if there’s a sign of feelings
of any kind, you’ll let me know
if there’s a sign of another
of any kind, you’ll let me know

could he give you more
could he

please believe me when i
want to steal your breathe, well i try
can’t put to words
try to capture your beauty, but i cry

(in your eyes)
i find a new
a place with a thousand emotions, yet just a few
to barely leave a mark
there’s so much more for me to do

will he give you more
will he

if i could open my eyes, and realize
that you are right next to me
there is no mask, no cover
there is no other
no other in her eyes

i could give you more
i could
i could give you more

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