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lirik lagu morgue defilement – avulsed

i love dissecting dead girl bodies
their naked corpses excite my mind
the aroma of decomposition
is the best aphrodisiac you can find

with forceps i twist her nipples
i touch them thru my rubber gloves
i spread her legs along the table
to explore the dank genital zone

sinking down my fingers
into her cold cunt
it’s wet by adipocere
she’s ready to f*ck
then i suck her fluids
and swallow the pus

sodomized with my bistoury
she’s starting to gush
fornicate her bl**dy corpse
gently disembowelled
penetrate her intestines…
oh, baby, i will c*m!

aaaaahhhhh – aaaaahhhhh

festered cavities i rape
getting pleasure on decay
she’s a really obedient girl
she does all the things i say

when i’m gonna kiss her face
mouldy, emaciated and pale
a dark crimson substance drips
from her swollen purple lips

post mortem convulsions, violent spasms
because of the gases i get an *rg*sm

obscene masturbation, with amputated limbs
a severed rotten tongue sucks my d*ck

my grisly p*rno-autopsy ends
*j*c*l*ting on her corpse
hot semen over her remains
emetic is my way of love

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