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lirik lagu mr. pain – 69 eyes

lights out all night
i’ve been lying there
shiverin’ and shakin’
heart full of fear
everything’s gettin’ much too clear
life’s a b*tch
i just let you too near

on and on this beat is gettin’ much too strong
higher and higher the flames burnin’ higher
i took the self-destruction desire

p-a-i-n mr. pain
takes you like a hot summer rain

i’m seein’ snakes
and feelin’ stone dead
spiders and roaches dancin’ in my head
all f*cked-up in the hospital bed
fire queen nursie
paint the town red

on and on…


i need a fix ‘n’ a kiss
can’t get worse than this
everybody’s so slow
i’m goin’ much too fast


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