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lirik lagu mr. trice – obie trice

this is the coon
i’m with my man mr. trice
def entertainment bout to take over this sh*t
is yall m*th* f*ckers ready
once again, is yall m*th* f*ckers ready.. yea.. yea

[verse one]
mr. trice, one in a mil.. f*ck it i’m one in a bill..
f*ck it i’m one in a zill yo
this specimen is rare
a big lip n*gg* with an ice-cold stare
i cripple infinitely yall dare
any n*gg* with steel b*lls to try to front over here
you get done over here
leaving n*gg*s touch more than a ld off a blunt over here
cake n*gg*s be the beat eating
and since i got a sweet tooth i digest weaklings
mr. trice been caged for a minute
i hit the stage for a minute m*th* f*ckers turn timid
it’s the trice can you feel that sh*t

is you m*th* f*ckers ready
can you feel it?
can you feel that sh*t?
napp entertainment in the house
we representing for the 99.. . the new millennium
all that sh*t
mutha f*cker
how you love dat .. playboy
how you love dat
how you love dat sh*t

[verse two]
mr. trice bodacious with flow
and barbaric in the way i let you n*gg*s know
if blunt too much i still get frank
and if frank scantlis
wait and see what bold think
we act off instinct nuttin more
same goes for my d*ck with a dusty hor
i represent gore
same reason all that red sh*ts on the f*ckin floor
n*gg* what you hear for?
you don’t want to see me when i’m angry
too many of yall cats take mr. trice too plainly
a plague disease infested
and i spread it all across your lyrical testaments.. peasants

you peasant n*gg*s ain’t ready
mutha f*cker yall peasant m*th* f*ckers ain’t ready
this was another moss production
we live at napp entertainment for the new millennium
blowin m*th* f*ckers out the water
representing from the mo town

[verse three]
mr. trice on this rap sh*t i got it made
its nuttin for me to find a spot in rap page
disperse rep with body parts across stage
the big question is “obie what’s your age?”
just cause i’m a young n*gg*
don’t mean you can’t get hung n*gg*
or stung by a gun trigger
i be amongst viscous figures
who hear nuttin
just foot steps when you runnin
mr. trice’s stunning actious staff
they got out of line i had to axe their *ss
exlax their *ss
italy sh*tted on it selves when
mr. trice brought the f*ckin wrath

hey yo he just brought the m*th* f*ckin wrath
napp entertainment putting their foot up in n*gg*’s *ss
you n*gg*s ain’t ready for that hot sh*t
we be droppin for the millennium
napp entertainment
mr. trice
executive producer.. mr. wilson
mutha f*cker this was the coon
opposite of other n*gg*s
i don’t give a f*ck

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