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lirik lagu murda man 2 – pastor troy

[verse 1:]
i heard some b*tch *ss n*gg*’s havin att*tude.
i eat em up like some mothaf*ckin’ dogfood.
i know it sound rude, it supposed to and yeah p*ssy n*gg* i m*th*f*ckin owe you.
on the radio poppin ’bout this and that. ive been stayin home listin and cleanin my (gag?)
ive been listin but i just couldn’t believe em.
go and get the do in that motherf*ckin kingdom.
slap his *ss again, then attack his friend, then slap that b*tch if she’s motherf*ckin creepin.
and until the end, motherf*ckin [?]
its pastor troy and i am havin fun ho, yeaah!!

i don’t think they wanna f*ck with tha murderman f*ck with the murderman f*ck with the murder man! [3x] i don’t think they wanna f*ck with tha murderman, mannn!

[verse 2:]
and imma ride on bme, cuz y’all p*ssy mothaf*ckers can’t f*ck with me! why f*ckin bme, y’all n*gg*s ain’t bmf, i handle you b*tches by my d*mn self.
ok, f*ck lil’ scr*ppy, f*ck lil’ jon, f*ck don p, d*mn his son, f*ck big sam, f*ck lil bo, you know who it is, it’s pt ho! f*ck crime mob, oobie too. i heard ya song, that bullsh*t boo. crosseyed b*st*rd, f*ckin with me? you know i’m a g, ya boy pt. ridin hard, ridin strong, suck my d*ck scr*ppy, my d*ck is long! you played me wrong. i’m not the one, outside of the club with my tommygun. you know me n*gg*, i shoot the crowd, its dsgb and i’m sayin it loud, i’m saying it proud, f*ck bme you p*ssy *ss n*gg*s cant f*ck with me, yeah!!


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