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lirik lagu murder – 2 chainz

(feat. kreayshawn)

[2 chainz – hook:]
murder, murder, this right here that murder
pulled the car out the garage, they screaming bl**dy murder
murder, murder chalk line around your daughter
3 cell phones and i still don’t ever call her

[2 chainz – verse 1:]
murder, murder, smoking on that murder
if a girl out with me, just know she murder
murder, murder, take her *ss like burglar
then i put her on the loud and feed her turkey burgers
murder, murder, this is bl**dy murder
all this ice all over me, i should wear a thermos
murder, murder, hit you with the burner
hit you with the burner, hit you with the burner


[2 chainz – verse 2:]
murder, murder, yea i’m killing n*gg*s beats
when i’m out of town and on the stage it’s rest in peace
murder, murder somebody call my lawyer
they said i was killing tennessee when i was down in florida
murder, murder, my shoes none than a quarter
rapping with the murder team n*body wanna record us
murder, murder listen to the chorus
n*gg*s wanna know how i get it when i get
don’t worry, just know it’s murder


[kreayshawn – verse 3]
this right here is murderous
i’m mama kreay the gangsterous
from the east to the west it gets dangerous
when you get that dough on display and sh*t
b*tches will be hating this
but my mind still climbs for greater-ness
that money that i’m playing with
put a whole in your head with no blame for it
saying it
i’m kaying
come back to the block and i’m spraying it
delaying, i’m stopping it
put a end to your life, i’m blocking it
your career b*tch, you was never on
i heard 2 chainz blocked you off his phone
b*tch don’t call him if you ain’t ’bout to ho
b*tch don’t call him if you ain’t ’bout the doe



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