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lirik lagu my fanny pack – smosh

my f*nny pack

walkin’ down the street and everybody’s starin’
just jealous of what i’m wearin’
that’s right it’s a f*nny pack, b*tches
hot pink and matches my britches

you’re thinking “that guy’s insane
d*mn, what’s his name? what’s wrong with his brain?”
i’m perfectly sane, just hear what i say
everything i need’s just one zip away

my f*nny pack, my f*nny pack is all i need
it’s on my waist while i shower and while i pee
it holds my hairspray so i look good every day
it holds me tight and keeps the boogie man away

you can’t mess with my f*nny pack, i’m a maniac
it’s a fact, you better watch your back
packs more than a back pack
one time i looked inside and i found an imac

only tough guys wear f*nny packs
hulk hogan, chuck norris and this guy…
diss me and you better watch your back
i’ll smack you with my 20 pound f*nny pack

i’ve been attacked by a wild beast
i think it was a furry hippopotamus from greece
i needed a weapon for the fight
what i pulled out was a stick of dynamite

makes great gifts for the holidays
“it’s my d*ck in a pack, babayyyy”
if you talk smack, i’ll put you in my sack
what’s this? it’s midget in my f*nny pack!

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