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lirik lagu my hatin’ joint – schoolboy q

my hatin’ joint

{nyquil man}
n*gg* just be wantin all the hoes sometimes
n*gg* want every last one of these b*tches
n*gg* do anything for a b*tch…
i had to tell the b*tch, heh – y’knahmean?

[schoolboy q]
q! look at you (look at you) now look at me (me)
now look at him (look at him) now back at me (me)
i’m sayin doe
i ain’t tryin to be your n*gg*, what you playin fo’?
okay okay okay okay
came up from the bottom yeah that hoover figg
real life fifty n*gg*z, so i like ’em thick
and by lookin at your curves, you what i deserve
we can head up to the crib old girl just say the word
got some purp, got some henny, got my p*n*s too
have you ignorin his calls when you f*ck with q
drop your panties to the flo’, down below your feet
spread them pretty legs and sh*t let me see
hey! you should f*ck with me huh?
yeah, yeah!

man that n*gg*, that n*gg* he can’t protect ya
remember when he had left ya?
you took him back from that heffer and then he did it again
and tried to f*ck on your friend and got caught up once with your kin
i’m sayin doe… that n*gg* like
sh*t thirsty for the b*tches, saggin my pants and sh*t
paid this much for the belt, i better crack a b*tch

[schoolboy q]
word around that n*gg* q in town
i heard it’s for a show, but let me call my hoe
they be like, “b*tch you bet’ not be out with them n*gg*z!”
oh, oh, oh…
soon as she hang up with ’em, she like “there he go”
got me swag from head to toe
ten times i ain’t gotta hate, she know that my paper grown
polo shirts and polo drawers, polo socks they matchin too
ooh, with the finest weed i show you what these o.g.’s do
super duper triple o, can’t see me with a telescope
i just wanna d*ck her down, tell me what’s the verdict though
i just swag so f*ckin hard she bringing up her n*gg*
(f*ck yo n*gg*) i beats the p*ssy up
girl you my main contender (f*ck yo’ n*gg*, huh?) yeah

see you keep bringin up him and then he be hanging with them
and then they be hangin with her when he really should be wit’chu
what i do, see he can’t do, this is true
you should tell that n*gg* you through
i’m sayin doe… like n*gg* like
sh*t i don’t know; sh*t i had to n*gg*
the b*tch was bad n*gg*, sh*t
i had to get that one!

[schoolboy q]
fresh up out the studio like can i live? (can i live?)
looking for a hoe so i can break her ribs (break her ribs)
i’m sayin doe…
i got a couple hundreds what it’s h*ttin fo’?
a rack of condoms and some fire, girl lit
now dim the lights and let me see you do your sh*t
{face down, *ss up} f*ck me good
cause cain’t no n*gg* out here f*ck you like i could
grip you by your hair and waist, pillow to face
satisfaction at it’s highest point, i set the stakes
plus your n*gg* over there with tammy n’em
giving that b*tch all your time, why you deal with him?
you oughta win (win win) yeah!

see that n*gg* there is a loser
besides, my d*ck is a ruler, i bring it to ya
and plus he be with them b*tches and treatin you like them b*tches
you his main or his mistress? i don’t get it
how you livin? i’m sayin doe… like
i don’t give a f*ck bruh
like i said, the b*tch was bad bruh, i hit it
too bad cuz, i had to hit it
a n*gg* was cheatin on her anyway
definitely cheatin on her!

[outro: repeat 4x]
my hatin joint, my hatin joint, my hatin joint, my hatin joint
too much gangsta in my lungs for me to hit a joint

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