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lirik lagu my swag – khia

my walk, my walk, my swag, my swag
it’s the best p*ssy ever had
it’s the best p*ssy ever had
it’s the best p*ssy ever had
my walk, my walk, my swag, my swag
it’s the best p*ssy ever had
it’s the best p*ssy ever had
it’s the best p*ssy ever had, ever had

i’m the flyest b*tch alive, thug misses understand
i make my p*ssy do tricks, guaranteed to take your man
p*ssy super fat, stay wet, my nig name trill
thug n*gg*s love this p*ssy, how i rock my hips
bad to the bone, redbone, love to shake my dreads
love to watch it while it’s goin in and out and out and in
eat this p*ssy like some drums, n*gg*, make this p*ssy c*m
do it fast, then take it slow, then back it up, then beat it up
i’m a downtown naughty girl when i wanna be
i’m a lady when we f*ckin and a b*tch in the street
cause my p*ssy is the best, extra juicy when it’s wet
like some kentucky fried chicken with the biscuits and the bread
i’m the misses in the hood, every n*gg* wanna f*ck
i’m the b*tch that got you hating cause your n*gg* ain’t at home
still standing strong, getting money, get like me
p*ssy pumper number one, and you know it’s extra sweet


you ain’t never had a b*tch to put it down like me
i get money all the time – f*ck a dime, i’m a queen
i’m complete and unique from my head to my feet
i was created to be hated, them other b*tches overrated
cause my p*ssy so good and i keep you so hard
n*gg*, you see something you like, then come and get it if you want it
cause she can’t do what i do, n*gg*;
that’s part of the problem
and i’m gonna always gonna be on top of them other b*tches regardless
so what you mean-muggin’ fo’? you envy me b*tch?
yeah, ho, you better keep it moving before i slide you b*tch
cause when them hoes come incorrect, i have to put em in check;
you can’t get mad because your n*gg* like my p*ssy the best
ho, i’m the sh*t! and my swag is clean
and my p*ssy so perf, my att*tude is mean
and ho, i love to get it crunk yeah, ho, if that’s what you want
i’m hater walkin’ on you b*tches cause yo n*gg* is ugly


now n*gg* lay back… and let me ease your mind
come let me suck it for you good daddy one more time
come eat this p*ssy from behind and let me ride the d*ck
smoke some blunts, then watch some flicks, then get back to this sh*t
cause thug misses never quits, i like to please my thugs
i’m s*xier than a sack of hundreds, come let me f*ck you on some
yeah i’m off the chain, but sh*t i’m real about mines
i like to watch you while you suck it, i gets down bout mines
so come and get this gangsta p*ssy cause i love the d*ck
you know you wanna suck this p*ssy, go ahead and do that sh*t
first let me tell you how i like it, just stay on top of the cl*t
play with my t*tties while you suck it, make me c*m even quicker
then talk dirty in my ear, tell me how much you love it
then bend me over stick it in – i’m talking gangsta f*cking!
get this p*ssy n*gg*, we make magic together
f*ck them other dirty hoes you know my p*ssy is better


i told you this was gonna be the best p*ssy you ever had in your life.

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