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lirik lagu nailed through her cunt – aborted

rancour fed i grasp her head
hurl her *ss against the wall
merry thoughts i disenthrall
taking my nails to devour her entrails

with excremental lubricant i force them down in her c*nt
violently piercing her insides – emotions i can no longer hide
feel the steel engrain – enjoy the skewering pain
*n*l crucifixion – hammering
suffer in humility – piercing to the v*g*n*l cavity
sanguinary feces – nailing

she regurgitates the blood – emerging from your sieved guts
oligophrenic debaucheries – mutilations one never sees

affectionate reminiscences – a canvas of carnal decadence
expediting decay, defecating matter – sphinctral impalement, lancing her bladder
rectal and intestinal suffering – lacerating delights i bring

mutilated in her riddled *ss – remnants of what she once was
you dirty sl*t you get what you deserve
defecating as haematemsia emerge

meathook penetration – rectal defenstration
a morbid row of guts & gore
with your mangled bowels scattered on the floor

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