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lirik lagu nesian 101 – nesian mystik

yall know the time (yall know the time)
yall know the time….
its time for nesian 101!

never on time
your music’s on all day
you be growing them rude natty dreads
white on white sneaks
baggy jeans
got that green stone around your neck

i came from the 183
so i know a little bit about fresh bee
yes we keep rep’n and rock’n that fresh st**z
jeans cut with socks and jandals
aloha shirts be the formal dress standard
spot the poly’s from a mile away
and you tell their coming when you hear this play

follow the leader leader leader,
follow the leader…. [x2]

you’re so fresh
and i wanna know if you’re down
cause if you are then let your hair down baby
i want to know

got two fried eggs
on that 1 dollar bread
street fighter 2
where my money’s spent
the brothers roll past
speakers on full blast
playing korero maori e


what you know about / taro, manioke & lu sipi / ya’ll know what im talking bout the sunday feeds / then 2 minute noodles & that fried corned beef / for the rest of the week, that’s all there is / go to school and scab off the rest of the kids / save that bus money home for that $1 chips / if you don’t walk it off it goes straight to the hips..

i never run my day by time,
i run my time by the change of sky,
i run my time like my appet*te,
coke and a pie’s what we call fine dine,
surry cres to sandringham,
califor-ni-a down to japan,
it’s the real mccoy making all that noise, more fob than fall out boy….


1, bounce on that 2 & 4, don’t clap on that 1 & 3.
2, you have your cappuccino, we on that cuppa tea.
3, be rude to turn it down, so take it if its free.
4, just keep it fresh, no matter where you be.

you’re so fresh
and i wanna know if you’re down
cause if you are then let your hair down baby
i wanna know…..



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