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lirik lagu new prince (crown on the ground) – childish gambino

“new prince (crown on the ground)”

i do not talk, i am just a rapper

stompin’ on these n*gg*s like a whack-a-mole with no hands
get girls on the floor like slow jams
f*ck yeah, i’m feelin’ myself, no lotion
my light shine bright, no roaches
n*gg*, i’m focused
you the one who eyes wrong
only time i’m worried is when i’m the no-fly zone
cause i’m so fly, homes
fresh like pinecones
female phone book my iphone
margarita bright, meanin’ limelight
nerd girls losin’ their sh*t like prom night
mouth like a p*ssy? it can never be too tight
let me guess, you know a better rapper? you, right?

sicker than your grandma
p*ss the mix-tape to a friend like chandler
this track is gettin’ over written
sports night, fanta
tell ’em that you know me when you runnin’ through atlanta
i am at the top
whether you want or not
and i am in my prime
i am an auto-bot
i do not talk a lot
i am just a rapper
f*ck a girl’s p*ssy bright red like snapper


yeah, i stay fly like a pelican
get new kicks everyday like an ottoman
ex-girlfriends askin’ if they get a shot again
i try to call ’em back but there’s a lot of them
someone tell me why these m*th*f*ckers busy hatin’ me
just because i’m rappin’ and my style is kinda japanese
band of outsiders
kitsune, apc
macy’s got sh*t on me

f*ck what you heard like a d*ck inside alarm clock
i ain’t got no jewelry, i leave it at the p*wn shop
two of your chains equals one of my shirts, sir
you got jacob’s jeweler, i got anna wintour
n*gg*s jealous cause i got more green than seven splinters
i’d rather spend that money on a polo from la tigra
young, smart, and handsome
who could even ask for more?
i change the situation like auditioning for jersey sh*r*

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