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lirik lagu no apologies – eminem

[verse 1]

in my mind i’ma fighter, my heart’s a lighter
my soul is the fluid, my flow sparks it right up
-rs-nic writer, author with arthritis
carpel tunnel, marshall will start sh-t-itis
hard headed and hot headed, bull headed and pig headed,
d-ck headed, a pr-ck, a big headache i’m sick
quick witted, for every lyric spitted there are 6 critics
who wait for me to slip with it, so quick
this dynamite stick buried the wick, it’s gonna explode any minute
some lunatic lit it and it’s not nelly
do not tell me to stop yelling, when i stop selling i quit
so stop dwelling an i am not felling
you f-ckers are not ready, cause i got jelly, like (beyonce’s) pot belly
this is destiny, yes money i’m of running
so get off of me, i’m not slowing or softening


no apologies, nah suckers i’m not sorry
you can all sue me, y’all could be the cause of me
no apologies, y’all feelin’ the force of me
no remorse for me, like there was no recourse for me
no apologies, not even acknowledging you at all
’till i get a call that god’s coming
no apologies, laugh f-ckers it’s all funny
i can spit in ya face while your standin’ across from me, no apologies

[verse 2]

my head hit’s the pillow, a weeping willow, i can’t sleep, a pain so deep it bellows
but these cellos help just to keep me mellow, hand’s on my head, touched knees to elbow
i’m hunched over, emotion just flows over, these cold shoulders are both frozen, you don’t know me
i keep saying it, i can’t stress it enough, so keep playing it and stand next to the subs
i choke mic’s like asphyxiation when i’m stranglin’ my own throat masturbatin’
f-ck yeah i’ma basket case and i mastered this rap sh-t, ’till my -ss gets wasted, ’till my
’till i’m slain ’cause of some f-g’s infatuation
44 mags a fascination, a taste for disaster and if that’s the case then..


[verse 3]

this song isn’t for you, it’s for me, a true mc
it’s what it do just to see if he still has it
and if his skills mastered,
he’s able to spill raps long after his killed, that’s a real mc
got you feelin’ me, whether willing or unwillingly
you still agree, as long as there’s still this hunger and will in me
then expect a longer life expectancy
i’d be a savage beast if i ain’t have this outlet to salvage me inside
i’d be exploding soaked in self loathing an mourning
so i’m warning you, don’t coax me
it’s silly, i’m really a sheep in wolf’s clothing
who only reacts when he gets pushed, don’t be fooled
the press blows up this whole thing, it’s stupid
they don’t know cause they don’t see that i’m wounded
all they did was ballooned it
i’m sick of talkin’ ’bout these tattoos cartoon did
that’s why i tuned it out, i’m sick of dukin’
an they can suck my d-ck while i’m pukin’, an you too, you can

[outro x2]

expect no sympathy from me i’m an mc
this is how i’m supposed to be
cold as a g, my hearts frozen it dont even beat
so expect no apologies

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