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lirik lagu no i don’t – the almost

“no i don’t”

i’m looking for some stable ground
some kinda place to lay it down
and settle for a while
i’m sick of looking for a star
i won’t show anyone my scars
can you help me out?
i wanna see a change in me

when it’s time for another round
i get in then i bow out
i’m kinda freaky that way
i used to stand as tall as i could
i used to be better than good
i guess i’ve made my bed
i wanna see a change in me

no, i don’t listen when they tell me
they think i won’t
come back around
find my way out
it’s none of their business
it’s none of their business

i’ve got another song in me
because of you, i’m changing
i’m learning how to wait
ugly as i could’ve been
down and out and all broken
you never made me wait
you saw me
you didn’t see my shame

i’m free because you said so
and i’m learning to grow
because you held my hand
i’m free because you said
go, keep walking

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