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lirik lagu no longer a virgin – infernal torment

no girls want me,why?
all the other boys get laid
i’ll f*ckin’ show them
tonight i’ll get some c*nt too

i know the perfect one to f*ck
she won’t say a f*ckin’ word
she’s my mother
dead and buried

the body was f*ckin’ cold
a chilling experience of the macabre

digging her up was really unpleasant
but just the thought of f*cking
that cold b*tch gave me strength

the smell of rotten flesh didn’t bother me
i couldn’t wait
i wanted to fill her cold chunk of flesh

that stiff sure needed to be f*cked
i could see it in her maggot-filled eyes

my little child p*n*s suddenly
turned into a huge brutal c*ck
just waiting to penetrate
the smiling lips of that cold c*nt

the feeling of my c*ck
up her tight little hole was incredible
i could feel the maggots against my prepuce

f*ckin’ h*rny
i can’t wait any longer
the gum is on its way
now now…
i’m no longer a virgin

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