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lirik lagu no luck – tyga

no luck

[verse 1:]
okay, ocean view gl*ss house, room full of heaters
d*ck game make a faithful b*tch start cheating
a blessing to these hoes, got em praying for no reason
got real n*gg*s with me and all my hoes conceited
i eat it, beat it, then tongue wash clean it
a n*gg* start tripping, press em, cleaners
fifty-two n*gg*s lined up, stay schemin
turned ballerina when the bullet start hit me
screaming, genius, fire-crack your house
put them b*tches at your front door like a girl scout
now you run through the back trying to find a way out
but there’s no way out, n*gg* go and take a bow
finish to my level, i part bury your coffin
is god giving her better, i’m hot, boiling kettle
tea-bagging your b*tch, i call it dipping my drizzle
i probably should take a picture , but she’ll probably get offended, b*tch!

[hook x2:]
i’m a good *ss n*gg*, i don’t need no luck
a good *ss n*gg*, i don’t need no luck
a good *ss n*gg*, i don’t need no luck
f*ck your b*tch, now she walking with her nose up

[verse 2:]
i dreamed a genie, now pimpin is easy
and the ghost make your b*tch reappear like houdini
spending hours with that toast, get the bread like a birdie
got a ho like j-lo, they call her selena
riding with that nina, i’m into my stature
couldn’t entertain you little non-factors
got eighty-thou for the show in alaska
spent 40k on strippers in atlanta
f*ck off the weekend, f*ck until the weekend
i got hoes in my house, better believe it
like killa cam, yeah, i really mean it
gotta walk around b*tt naked in some valentinos
the new nino, canceled that b*tch and i reload
click-clack, boom, guess who entered the room
straps on my side like tomb, raider
patch your eye, i don’t gotta try again later


oh, i’m better than you
i know it, know it
yeah, i’m better than you
i know it, know it
i f*ck it up
i f*ck it up
i f*ck it up
i know it, know it
she f*ck it up
she f*ck it up
f*ck it up
i know it, know it


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