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lirik lagu nobody’s driving – amebix

i awoke in a sweat from
the american dream
they were loading the bomb
bay of the iron bird
giving their blood to the
doomsday machine
i screamed into the wind
my goodbye to the world

it was dark in the desert
so we walked through the night
the vessel was waiting
where we had been led
an awesome machine
to tear through the sky
the last exodus from the
land of the dead

we are swimming in the lunar sea
drowning in insanity
look to the sh*r* you will see
your leaders were lying
n*body’s driving!

upon the horizon is the earth i once knew
now a red ball of light suspended in sp*ce
so we erected a stone on the sh*r* of the sea
as a grim epitaph to the lost human race

[repeat first verse]

we are swimming in the lunar sea
drowning in insanity
between the devil and the deep blue sea
our world is dying
and n*body’s driving!

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