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lirik lagu nothing except my life – abby mcdowell

floral dresses hangin’ on my wall
next to my bathrobe.
i wish i could wear the short, yeah.
it would be really neat,
but my b*tt is too big…
i’ll settle for the long one.
have to wear the long one.
saw these shoes at pic ‘n’ pay or payless.
i never could tell the two stores a part.
well, these shoes were neat, but they
wouldn’t fit my feet.
’cause my size is a ten…
i’ll buy a bigger pair.
’cause my feet are big.
golden scrunchie sitting in my drawer.
i can put my hair in it.
but i wouldn’t dare wear it ’cause it went
out in ninety-two.
but i’m hoping it may…
come on back in style.
’cause i have hair now.

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