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lirik lagu nothing’s free – alice cooper

you, me, understand, shake my hand
last chance, little man, ain’t it grand
it’s a bargain, it’s a steal
30 pieces of silver and a deal’s a deal

sign upon the dotted line
i’ll be yours and you’ll be mine
nothing’s free, eventually
nothing’s free

from the rules and laws of morality
free to take your fill
free from your own free will
nothing’s free

my boy, it’s getting late, i’ll raise the stakes
so close, control your fate, why hesitate
seal the deal, close the sale
take my hammer, drive the nail

sign upon the bl**dy line
a drop of yours, a drop of mine
nothing’s free, eternally
nothing’s free

from your conscience
or free from the consequence
free to sin and to death
free till your final breath
nothing’s free, no no

free from the claws and flaws of your family
free from obedient life
you’re cut like a double-edged knife
nothing’s free, nothing’s free

oh, you pay me

free to ignore the bored of authority
free to spit in the face
and be the winningest rat in the race
till judgment day, then nothing’s free

bow to me if you wanna be free
free from life, come and die with me
and when we’re dead it’s for the eternity

come on little one and dance in the fire
the heat’s getting close and the flame’s gettin’ higher
when the music’s over there’s a hush in the choir
nothing’s free

when the trumpets sounds and his light is all around
and the saints all raise from the graves in the ground
we’ll be goin’ way downtown
way downtown

free free free ya, wanna be free
free free free ya, wanna be free
i wanna be, i wanna be free

free free free ya, wanna be free
free free free ya, wanna be free
i wanna be, i wanna be free

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