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lirik lagu now it is then – 88 miles per hour

i let them have their way and it was awful, awfully great
the irony built, the gl*sses unfilled,
and you said goodbye again but never left

it’s so me to be bringing you down
it’s so you to be falling, now it’s then

so laugh a little to feel better cuz soon you’ll be alone
not that i want to go, but i have to, i must be strong
i must belong, but that is not the case
your eyes scream stay, but you’re words so soft keep pushing me away

(spoken): patience is a force, an efficacy i cannot seem to build
what i do i don’t want to, what i don’t, i do
they’re growing on me
i think that’s why i grew a hate for love, but i must love them, i must
for if i don’t that trial will be my last
no one wants to die alone, no one but me

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