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lirik lagu now they notice us – afterburn inc

afterburn inc

now they notice us

verse 1
my whole life people i have been abused
kicked about picked up and used
like a toy in a kiddies box
but now i will show u lot
what do u take me for
what about the time i was on the floor
did anyone help me no!
at the time i was jacked up wiv a hoe

now they notice us
now they won’t cuss
cuz now they know i take no sh*t
cuz im no two bit hit

verse 2
know i know y god put me on this earth
but i just wanna delete my birth
because when i was young
i was accused of takin a bung
so dats y i quit football
now i have found something dats kool
because now i don’t give a f*ck
in my mind all u r is a duck
u betta watch ya mouth
cuz u mite end up south


verse 3
you wanna mouth me off
and get away wiv it
well i suck ya wife’s t*t
yeh it tastes like sh*t
but she was beggin for more
we were banging on your floor
i hate you from your toes to your head
i get so angry ill put u in a hospital bed

chorus (x2)

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