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lirik lagu nowhere else to hide – big noyd

[verse 1:]
straight out the slammer, grab a hammer, a new shiny mac
n*gg* front on me, i’m puttin two up in his back
which means a n*gg* stunt on me, he gettin clapped
it’s a fact, won’t catch me in the street and not strapped
not at all, your boy noyd keeps it raw
i came a long way from stuffin cracks in my drawers
to goin on tour to hangin plaques on my wall
you try to stop that, i take your f*ckin head off
i just drive by slow
and point the heat right out the window
a n*gg* want beef, i’m lettin that thing go
in other words i let that machine gun blow
when it come to my foes
my gangstas, dealers, some real live n*gg*s
hustlers, killers, gettin guap n*gg*s
ready to pop off, somebody gotta die
n*gg*, i’m everywhere, how the f*ck you gon’ hide?
when it’s

(no where else to)
(no where else to)
(no where else to hide)

[verse 2:]
i said it’s hot in here, the cops here, the homie got the glock, yeah
they say we hood cause you can find us right here
sippin on a light beer, dipped in carhartt gear
and i know n*gg*s on the island doin life there
they ain’t got a slight, yeah, ready to fight, yeah
my name’s rapper, america’s nightmare
and we don’t fight fair, nah, cause we quite sick
i got homies that’ll bang you with a ice pick
they beat up police with they own nite sticks
you get on my nerves, no question that i might flip
look dunn, i’m not dumb, i roll with a big gun
and i spit heat at you faster than big pun
i got a lotta rhymes but all i gotta say is one
once they hear me spit on the drums, their career is done
you could try to run but where you gon side to?
you ain’t here, i was in the street, you been lied to

(no where else to)
(no where else to)
(no where else to hide)

[verse 3:]
i woke up one mornin, turned my radio on
i couldn’t find my money, i knew it was on
d*mn, i was dead bent, sippin henny’s, drownin beers
it couldn’t be that chick cause that b*tch still here
where my gun, hit my dunn, d*mn, this hangover killin me
party poppin last night, the streets feelin me
but stop, where’s my guap, though?
don’t make me have to wake this b*tch up with the.44
everybody know how i bang for that dough
whether a gangsta or a hoe – what’s this over here?
oh sh*t, she lucky, there it go
listen ma, i don’t wanna sound mean
but d*mn sh*t, a n*gg* had to bang for this cream
and even though it really ain’t nothin to me
i’m tryina get you, i can’t let you get me
you lookin real sweet and you fly, too
but think about it – you get me, tell me where the f*ck you gon hide, boo?

(no where else to)
(no where else to)
(no where else to hide)

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