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lirik lagu obnoxious – immortal technique

[immortal technique:]

ha ha ha

[verse 1]
i’m obnoxious, motherf*cker can’t you tell
run through little havannah yelling: ‘viva fidel’
jerking off at the sheets when i stay at hotels
drinking bacardi at aa meetings, smoking a l
i’m broke as h*ll my att*tude is no good
like working for white people after watching rosewood
so i’m a mercenary, i don’t care how i get richer
like american companies that did business with hitler
get the picture n*gg*, i’m the best of both worlds
without the hidden camera, and the 12 year old girl
let’s face it, you’re basic, you aren’t half the man that i am
i throw your gang sign up, and then i’ll spit on my hand
give me a hundred grand, give me your watch, give me your chain
that’s your girl, b*tch get over here, give me some brain
i’ll bust of on her face, and right after the segment
she’ll probably rub it in her p*ssy, trying to get herself pregnant
i said it i meant it, that’s the way i deal with enemies
like pro lifers, that support the death penalty
and don’t talk about war, when n*gg*s know that your pus
a f*cking hypocrite draft dodger like george bush
don’t push me n*gg*, cause i’m close to the edge
and i’ll jump of with a rope that’s wrapped around your head
send a dead fetus to my ex on valentines day
the safety’s off n*gg*, so get the f*ck out my way

obnoxious n*gg*, murderous lyrics
i know that you hear it
now that i’m getting closer and closer i know that you feel it
your eating off rap, and i hope you choke on your gimmick
n*gg*s said hip hop was dead but i awoken the spirit
we’re taking it, back in the day to the golden age
when wack motherf*ckers used to get thrown off stage
immortal technique, i made this the b*mp in your ride
or burn it off the internet, and b*mp it outside
n*gg*, we keeping it live, we keeping it live
we keeping it live, we keeping it live
burn it off the f*cking internet, and b*mp it outside

yeah n*gg*

[verse 2]
look motherf*cker, my words damage an slaughter
a raging alcoholic like the presidents daughters
disgusting flows like third world country tap water
but before i hit the border, someone give me a quarter
cause i’m a prank call, cop shot just for kicks
payback for everytime that they called me a spic
and porturigan chicks told me that i f*ck like i’m loco
and dominican women call me the ‘rompe todo’
they call me ‘*ssioso’ i’d rather get fired than quit
i get unemployment, you work and we making the same sh*t
how dare you n*gg*s criticize the way that i spit
you coffee shop revolutionary son of a b*tch
but you know what the f*ck i think is just pathetic and gay
when n*gg*s speculate what the f*ck ‘pac would say
you don’t know sh*t, about a dead mans perspective
and talking sh*t will get your neck bone disconnected
disrespected n*gg*s don’t show no love
why you trying to be hardcore, you f*cking h*m*-thug
and don’t be sensitive and angry at the sh*t that i wrote
cause if you can take a f*cking d*ck, you can take a joke
i choke your friends in front of you, to prove that you fallen off
and you won’t do sh*t about it, like the church during the holocaust
kalashnikov machine gun flow that i fire
obnoxious until they shoot me on the day i retire


[verse 3]
d*mn homie, in high school i beat the sh*t out of you and your man homie
your girl wanna blow me and don’t even know me
she lonely and she thinks your a phony
i take a p*ss on a development deal from sony, or def jam
cause your like all of the rest man
this ain’t a verse it’s sh*t talk at the end of the song
and you can suck a d*ck if you think i ended it wrong
f*ck you and i’m gone, ha ha ha

piece to the strong hope, eo dub
word-a-mouf, forbidden chapters
iak n*gg*s, westpoe killing you slow
the plague i murder a show, you don’t even know
yeah, fowl play n*gg*
harlem! – wauw!

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