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lirik lagu ode to the ham sandwich – bad language

b-train: hey ya’ll out there be dissin ham sandwiches
j dawg- yea we got somethin fo ya

chorus: yea, ham sandwiches are yummy in my tummy its so good i get all c*mmy
(eww) they give me colds so my nose is all runny if u think this is a joke, dis
sh*t aint funny.

b-train: you betta listen to me, if you dont eat ham sandwiches your a quief,
like steve savard, ham makes me hard, its betta than eatin whacked up lard.


j- dawg: its the j dawg in the house ya’ll know that if you don’t like ham ya’ll
blow, we know that you cant find ham in the ghetto with my cat gapetto if u be
dissin my ham ill shoot you dead ya no.


lil stevie: you better listen to my homies right there, my ham sandwich so
hammy, so clammy, so excited i jacked in my pajammies, thought it was maynosaise
and u know (eww)there another topping for hammies, ham sandwich that is if u not
eatin ur sanwich you aint be doin your biz.


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