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lirik lagu one-thousand ways to die – cianide

death stalking helpless victims
feeding off incessant screams
dead conscious, endless bloodshed
carnage and suffering

s*xual depraved motivation
in trance like blasphemy
freed from human emotion
remorseless apathy

cursed into this world, unbridled l*st to kill
offering of your flesh, justified hatred

lost human condition, forced living a lie
denial killer instinct, one thousand ways to die

l*stful sins prevail, morbid thoughts remains
subconscious voice controls, killing starts again

blood *ssures redemption
violent ecstasy
torture rites abominate
inhuman laws of pain
time for retribution
vengeance is the law
all of men shall suffer
marcy i have lost

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Disclaimer: lirik lagu one-thousand ways to die - cianide adalah properti dan hak cipta oleh pemilik / pencipta, dan disajikan untuk tujuan edukasi, promosi dan untuk penggunaan pribadi.

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