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lirik lagu operation: working vacation – sugarland

gotta get a handle on the situation
(operation, working vacation)
a soul solution for my frustration
(operation, working vacation)
so, i made myself a little reservation
a one way ticket to liberation
way overdue by my calculation
operation: working vacation

well, this bottle’s been working on my concentration
(operation, working vacation)
the more i drink, the more the waves keep ‘a waving
(operation, working vacation)
the office keeps calling with complications
a big break down in communication
they keep leaving messages i keep erasing

operation, working vacation
operation, working
you’ve gotta get out sometime
and let in the big sunshine

so, i made a little sp*ce for inspiration
(operation, working vacation)
might have to go back to school, post graduation
(operation, working vacation)
and get my degree in intoxication
gonna re-define higher education
maybe i’ll inspire a whole generation

[repeat chorus]

operation, working vacation

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