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lirik lagu outlaw – 2pac

that’s right n*gg* you gotta get your papers in this motherf*cker
i ain’t mad at ya at all
aiyyo, what the f*ck you wanna be when you grow up rahrah?
n*gg*, is you stupid, i wanna be a motherf*ckin’ outlaw

that’s right n*gg*, hahaha housin’ these hoes, you feel me?
aight, know what i’m sayin’
you got to do that sh*t, keepin’ it real n*gg* or what?
keepin’ it real
how old are you n*gg*?
i’m eleven

’cause all i see is, murder murder, my mind state
preoccupied with homicide, tryin’ to survive through this crime rate
dead bodies at block parties, those unlucky b*st*rds
gunfire now they require may be closed casket

who can you blame? it’s insane what we dare do
witness an evil that these men do, b*tches in, too
in fact they be the reasons n*gg*z get to bleedin’
pull the f*ckin’ fire when i leave ’em, you shoulda seen ’em

hostile hoes catch elbows negroes disposed of
and snitches get dealt with, with no love
body bags of adversaries that i had to bury
i broke the law and they jaw, all in the same flurry

but never worry
they’ll remember me through history
causin’ motherf*ckers to bleed
they’ll label me a

outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
they came in to sin
outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
dear god, i wonder could you save me?

before i close my eyes i fantasize i’m livin’ well
when i awake and realize i’m just a prisoner in h*ll
just as well, ’cause in my cell i’m keepin’ pictures of these b*st*rds
excersisin’, visualizin’, everyone inside a casket

picture me blasted, surrounded by n*gg*z in masks
sent with the task to har*ss and murder my *ss
will i last? heaven or h*ll? freedom or jail?
sh*t’s hard, who can you tell? and if we fail?

high speeds, and thai weed on the freeway
when will they learn to take it easy?
drivebys and n*gg*z die, murder without a motive
by making motherf*ckers fry

got me runnin’ from these coward-*ss crooked-*ss cops
helicopters tryin’ to hover over n*gg*z ’til we drop
got no time for the courts, my only thought is open fire
hit the district attorney, but f*ck that b*tch, ’cause she’s a lie

now it’s time to expire, i see the judge, spray the b*tch
motherf*ckers is crooked, is what i scream, and hit the fence
i comense to get wicked, spittin’ rounds as the plot thickens
never missin’ an early grave is my only mission

if i die, never worry
bury me beside my four-five
may god forgive me
i was high, label me a

outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
they came in to sin
outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
dear god, i wonder could you save me?

society lied to me, i ain’t never gonna try to be
my mob’ll be doin’ robberies, and stickups on these wannabe’s
i witnessed n*gg*z lose they chest
for ordinary reasons n*gg*z bodies put to rest

so i just
swallow my beck’s and holla, f*ck ’em
and if i’m next
just let a n*gg* step with somethin’ i ain’t fearin’ nuttin’

young and thuggin’, prepared for bustin’ if that’s my destiny
ready for whatever, see you n*gg*z can’t get the best of me
hold me down, definitely no need for askin’
now he mad, top speed, smokin’ weed, blasted

’cause when i bust ’em they gonna shiver, the killers cry
soldiers got bodies floatin’ in the river, what is they sayin’
talkin’ ’bout prayin’ they need to stop, that ain’t gon’ help
these n*gg*z sprayin’ up my block, tryin’ to take my wealth

outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
they came in to sin
outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
dear god, i wonder could you save me?

outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
they came in to sin
outlaw, outlaw, outlaw
dear god, i wonder could you save me?

f*ck the judge, i gotta grudge
punk police, n*gg*z run the streets
hahah, it ain’t nuttin’ but muzik
sh*t’s changed

1995 the game has changed, motherf*ckers is actin’ real strange
the rules is all rearranged
you got babies lyin’ dead in the streets
these punk police is crooked as me

but all i see is motherf*ckers actin’ less than g’s
stop bein’ a playa-hater, be a innovator n*gg*
f*ck that sh*t, don’t be no entertainer and a stranger
be a real motherf*cker keep it real pack that steel

’cause you know these streets is real deal
muh’f*ckers wanna see me in my casket
jealous, motherf*ckin’ b*st*rds
i never die, thug n*gg*z multiply

’cause after me is thug life baby
then the young thugs
then the youngest thug of all
my n*gg* rahrah

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