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lirik lagu pain – freaknik is back – t

“freaknik is back”

i-i-i’m back!!!
freaknik’s back baby!

what’s happen mo’ you know who i is
is freaknizzle come to turn the party up to 10
i know ya heard me, freaks give word of me
and get wetter than bluberry vodka most certainly

what’s up mo’, you don’t like me
i heard you throwing a party and did not invite me
(didn’t invite me?!)
plus i heard your sh*t wasn’t exciting
just a buncha b*tch pulling hair fighting

i see so much potential
even though this area is a residential
turn up the radio put on an instrumental
party 101 pick up a motherf*cking pencil

i’m back b*tch
like that b*tch
yee aint gotta had no bread n*gg* just act rich
this ain’t no f*cking party over here
so let me throw this motherf*cking money in the air

(turn it up) freaknik’s back in town so
(turn it up) b*tches and hoes goin’ get down so
(turn it up) b*tch *ss n*gg*s take off that do-rag
24 and 4-12s in my new lac’

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