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lirik lagu pain – welcome to thr33 ringz – t

hit this shorty man
i gotta do this sh*t every night man
i’m so sick of this circus sh*t
so sick, listen to this, everybody clappin an’ sh*t
this n*gg* sangin and sh*t, cause he the ringleader
(why you say all that sh*t n*gg*?)
i’m just sayin, this n*gg* think he the ringleader an’ sh*t
f*ck that motherf*cker!
(i know one thing, if muh’f*ckin pain knew we was out here)
(smokin in his cadillac right outside the tent, this n*gg*’d be mad as f*ck)
maaaaaan, man f*ck pain, f*ck this clown sh*t
i can’t be a clown (god d*mn n*gg*!)
(i’m sayin i gotta do what i gotta do) f*ck that n*gg* i can’t be a clown
(i got kids n*gg*) n*gg* all we perform for is kids, f*ck this sh*t~!
(this what we do n*gg*)
{hey!! hey!! n*gg* get your sh*t together we doin a brand new show tonight}
{you n*gg*z stop smokin in my f*ckin cadillac…}

thr33 ringz, cl*ss clown jump, third time around y’all
if i was just to step in the ring, and out of the box
would everybody be on my… or will i stop
say h*llo to my lil’ friend, hey, styles change up like lil’ kim
fake, i let my heat swing, t-pain so active homey
the way the beat b*mp n*gg*z try to get proactiv on me (daaamn!)
but i done (cleared) the rumors
e’rything in the open, now you know how big the room is
tell ’em what the truth, they can’t handle it
they thank a n*gg*’s slicker than a mayonnaise sandwich
uhh, but they be like g-g-g-god d*mn it, pause!
this n*gg* pockets fatter than santa clause (ohhhhhh~!)
this n*gg* career big like some granny drawers
had to get a piano to put his grammy on
yeah ferrari, bentley, escalade
beemer, bentley coupe, cut the checks, let’s get paid
f*ck a vette, make it rain, lamborghini
i don’t cover sh*t up like a transfer-tini
i give a d*mn if you see me i’ma did what i does
i ain’t doin sh*t wrong like i’m kissin my cousin
i know you wanna hear somethin different
ain’t you tired of his sh*t!
ain’t you curious about this sh*t
even if you picked the sh*t up from a distance
at least stand still for a second and listen
i’m tellin you now it ain’t a thing
i got the bling bling of a rapper but i sing so welcome to thr33 ringz!

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