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lirik lagu pantheon – inme


you proved you’re a force to be reckoned with
and i’d escape my shadows in a second if
these words stood the test of time
i guess we can only try

i did not want to hurt you
so i hurt myself instead
the scars always remind me
of where angels fear to tread

let’s take control of our own lives today
let’s give our souls to these songs tonight

and i know that you saved a life that night mate
when you say everything will be ok they believe you

you proved that you mean business
the journeyman bleeds hope and they’re listening
these words stood the test of time
painted in the sky

no regrets
all my sins taught me everything
forgive and forget
live and let live and dream big
honest victories
the pride
reap what you sow and bathe in the light

we’ll take control of our own lives

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