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lirik lagu parallel universe – red hot chili peppers

“parallel universe”

deep inside of a parallel universe
it’s getting harder and harder
to tell what came first

under water where thoughts can breathe easily

far away you were made in a sea
just like me

christ i’m a sidewinder i’m a
california king
i swear it’s everywhere
it’s everything

staring straight up into the sky
oh my my a solar system that fits
in your eye microcosm

you could die but your never dead spider web
take a look at the stars in
your head fields of sp*ce kid

[chorus x 2]

psychic changes are born in your heart
a nervous breakthrough that makes us the
bless your heart girl

kill the pressure it’s raining on
salty cheeks
when you hear the beloved song
i am with you

[chorus x 2]

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