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lirik lagu pathetic priest – altar

your whole life, you preach harmony
relationship, you’re f-cking jesus christ
obey ’cause you’ve been told
he would save your soul

but now you’re p-ssing the final hour
your life is through, there is nothing left
an horrible disease finally took it’s toll

your friends & family
stand around your grave
to give you respect
you’ve never had from them
they pray to your god
to take you in his arms
but the earth is cold
they know it’s the end

dead is dead – accept the fact
only in your life – you have your soul
in your head – i am your pain
i rape you – pathetic priest

what has a church to do with your death
f-ck their false promise of better times
god cannot cure, god has no use
god has no power, god is you

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