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lirik lagu phoenix – talib kweli

[dave chapelle as rick james]
that’s right b*tches.
it’s the beautiful mixtape
look this sh*t is beautiful, it’s one of the best mixtapes
you’ll ever hear in your life
one of the baddes m*th*f*ckin’
funkiest m*th*f*ckin’ mixtapes, ever.
i said it… that’s right b*tches talib kweli
you’re now rockin’ with the best, the best!

[talib kweli]
when i was a young man i had stars in my eyes
time is wrinkled like the hands of the elders that love us
i find a window to watch the path like ghetto grandmothers
they says eyes is the windows to ya soul
so i open the the blind to feel the breeze blowin’ in from the winter chain
surround myself with images of bravery
cuz the soul of my people bared witness to slavery
i seen the inside of my heart it get dark
like the flesh of my bone
and heavy like the breath of this poem
plus, i seen lands so dry the trees cry
tears fallin’ like it’s autumn the leaves die
pre-packaged futures freeze dried, cross me by
the body count in the streets is knee high
plus, i seen pubbles so deep the puddles speak
ripe with stories that leap from the cluttered street
blood’ll be beet-red runnin’ through the gutters cuz heat
the currency that we exchange with folks who tryin’ to eat
i cried in my sleep, seen trains speedin’ down the tracks of my tears
runnin’ down the face of the earth, c’mon
i see it in the sp*ce that was the place of my birth
i play eye tag with death – she’s such a flirt
that’s some scary sh*t, i put it all in my music
real loud makin’ a scene if i seen it i use it, yeah
beautiful strugglin’ ‘n’ so i’m used to the bubblin’
what i be utterin’ so hot it got the homeless people huddlin’
haters mutterin’ under breath, who ain’t the best?
see the scavengers ‘n’ vultures pickin’ at what’s left
i rise from the ashes like a phoenix – believe it
flow brand new like a fetus – believe it
mean what i say if i say it, i mean it
i lived it, i breathed it, believe me, i seen it

[jean grae]
man i pray ya’ll p*ssionate
i swing out like a little leaguer on a sunday ignorin’ the catholics
rebel rap with a spine plated metal back
i never fold medal gold with a vaultin’ pole
n*gg*r i’m better known as light let me shine on you
mind confident rhyme dominant lines constant
caramello color h*lla mellow
the fellows run up ‘n’ “h*llo”
h*lla sorrow when i tell ’em taken “holla”
i got that horrow vision, they say i’m m*s*ch*stic
i don’t think it’s crazy they call me shady i’m flattered, get it?
my image is sick i’m in need of amedic
i should get a permanent residence in hospital bed it’s
the way i freak sh*t, you meek like that old rapper chick
i smack an actor in a wall ’til his back’s in the brick
i rig ’em all with the mind bas*m*nt ‘n’ trapdoors
it’s me i’ll clap the survivors until i see some rigormortis
i seen the forest through the trees
but only because i cut off all the leaves
and left ’em blowin’ off into the breeze
that i create whenever i speak
i’m cheap f*ck it, i need to win something
before i kick this rap bucket in
f*ck it again, f*ck you if this hasn’t struck you
as a genius stickin’ out like a bucktooth
i’m couth, yes i know it mostly regarded as pottymouth
dirty like the city ground you on when the shotties come out
i’m witty pl*st i’m incredibly diligent
dream of the president mac-millied i’m militant
i go along like a philly bed i pity you
silly fool i know ain’t n*body really feelin’ you


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