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lirik lagu pimp – t.i.

(feat. pimp c, too short)

[intro: cavi]
cavi on the track!

[verse 1: pimp c]
hol’ up, smoke something b*tch
hol’ up, sweet jones
goin’ down
she suck on my d*ck, lickin’ her b*tt
wife that b*tch, she the neighborhood sl*t
you really shouldn’t trust me so much
that girl love these nuts
she told me don’t tell, keep it on the low (low)
i make her get down on the flo’
show me what you workin’ with, gon head twerk it b*tch
p*ssyhole fatter than a benz with a body kit
i do what i please, you do what you can
she get on her knees, i won’t tell her man
it’s very thin line between a f*ck and a date
and if ya playin’ with some paper, she might scream rape
statutory is a whole different category
we don’t do babies, only grown ladies
so if you wanna get ya back knocked out
let me hit ya in the b*tt and then put it in ya mouth

[verse 2: t.i.]
it’s big pimpin’, five or six women
had b*tches eatin’ p*ssy with’ my d*ck still in it
groupie hoes eatin’ booty holes, thirty five minutes
finished jackin’ in they face, while they kiss it, (muah)
imagine, bad b*tches all over the mattress with *sses like serena, trina, face is like c*ssie
c*m so i can nut and drop and say it taste like candy, so nasty, head game way above average
on patron, dro, cocaine and a tablet, let her have it front to back
while she tossin’ her salad, they call me big d*ck daddy
they love this wood, they say “we f*cked a lot of rappers, none this good”
ask my p*ssy, all i gotta say is get to it
and they don’t care who there, they just do it
like pimp c say “give a ho no leeway, b*tches do whatever we say, okay”

pimp [x16]

[verse 3: too short]
she got a big mouth, and she talks too much
i got a big d*ck, that loves to get sucked
now what you think she gon get?
if i introduce her mouth to my d*ck
it’s gonna be a match made in heaven, something like soul mates
we have a lot of s*x, but we don’t go on dates
and i can’t tell the homies, i wish i could
but i can’t cause the b*tch is too good
i’m a firm believer, she’s an overachiever
and i know when i see her
she don’t stop till i skeet her
i used to like s*x in the bed
then i met them freaky girls that give me super head
now i got everybody jammin’ this song, she can get some d*ck even with her panties on
i’m lookin’ at her p*ssy, she can keep it
i just want a bl*w j*b, can you keep a secret? (biiiitch!)


[outro: cavi]
cavi on the track!

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