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lirik lagu pride away – kutless

“pride away”

have u ever seen a man stumble and fallen,
all do to his pride
i don’t want to be another one
fallen due to my pride

take my pride away,pride away
take my pride away

lord keep me only focused on u
make me a humble man
don’t ever let me take the credit
for all that u have done

take my pride away,pride away
take my pride away


standing here amidst this point of definition
pushing for position as i battle opositionam i on a mission or is it all in vain
do u notice the difference or is it all the same
and who do i blame when my vision get blurry i
get in a hurry frustrated and feeling fury
faith is enduring to stand the test of time
answers are plain we make them hard to define
but pull from divine when problems arise
but pride denies and my stand never survives
in every one of our lives in every single day
we need to lay down our pride as god takes it away

take my pride away,pride away….

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