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lirik lagu put it on ya – plies

shorty i wanna know if you come over
if you don’t mind girl put your legs up on my shoulders
don’t lie, i can see it in your eyes
you want for you and i to do the freaky things you like
when i put-put-put it on girl, when i put-put-put it on ya
when i put-put-put it on girl, when i put-put-put it on ya
when i put-put-put it on girl, when i put-put-put it on ya
when i put-put-put it on ya, put-put-put it on ya

[verse 1]
let’s ride around the city, make love in the car
let’s get on the express way, let me tease you ma
and while you drive baby, i wanna taste your tongue
pull in to rest here, and let me give you some
you ever been driving while your man made you c*m
i wanna hit a stay, i wanna hit and run
let’s pull the car over, and have a little fun
the ac working, so we ain’t gotta bun

can i lick it, can i stick it, can i touch it, can i grab it
baby tell me can i have it
can i rub it, can i flip it, can i hold it, can i get it
anyway i wanna get it


[verse 2]
if that don’t work for ya, i got another idea
ain’t n*body home, so come on over here
let’s play hide and seek, in our underwear
i find you, i can get it right there
you find me, then i get bare
either way we both win, now that’s fair
whatever i gotta do to be with you oh yeah
you my queen, i’m your king, now that’s a nice pair



[verse 3]
let grade you, give you a report card
your first test is, can you get it hard
show me how good you communicate when we start
today’s pop quiz, define your hot spot
wanna see how good your balance is on top
give you a a+ if you don’t stop
this a big test, you looking kinda shocked
either you get promoted, or you get dropped
your final exam, show me your wet box
ain’t no tattle teller, i keep my mouth locked
make you an honor student, show me you back shot
you p*ssed with flying colors, ooh that’s a nice tw*t


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Disclaimer: lirik lagu put it on ya - plies adalah properti dan hak cipta oleh pemilik / pencipta, dan disajikan untuk tujuan edukasi, promosi dan untuk penggunaan pribadi.

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